Publications and scientific presentations

Corrianne is the author of a Hand Therapy teaching CDRom, called the Hand Therapy Tutor, which was completed in 2005. It is an interactive hand therapy teaching programme which enables therapists to learn more about hand therapy at their own pace in their own time. It has been sold worldwide.

She is also co-editor and chapter author of a book on hand surgery and hand rehabilitation called The Hand Book, which was published in 2008. (Mennen U & van Velze C (eds): The Hand Book 3rd ed. Van Schaiks Pretoria 2008)

She was responsible for the translation a book on splinting from Dutch into English (Therapeutic Hand Splints – a rational approach, by Paul van Lede and Griet van Veldhoven, 1998). In 2004 she translated two chapters of volume 2 of this book.

Corrianne has published a number of scientific articles in the Journal of Hand Therapy and has presented papers on hand therapy, research and hand therapy education at National and International congresses since 1987.

She was an invited speaker at the following congresses and symposia:

  • Philadelphia Hand Rehabilitation Meeting in the USA (1999)
  • Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Hand Therapy Association (1999)
  • Hand Rehabilitation Symposium, Izmir, Turkey (1999)
  • Hong Kong Hand Therapy Congress (2000)
  • Hand Rehabilitation Meeting of the Swedish Societies of Hand Surgery and Hand Therapy (2001)
  • Congress of the Swiss Society of Hand Therapists (2013)

She regularly attends courses and workshops in hand therapy and related fields, to ensure that her knowledge remains up to date and state of the art.

She served as the Hand Therapy editor of the IFSSH e’zine, which is published quarterly by International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH), for four years.


“The Hand Therapy Tutor” is an interactive hand therapy teaching programme.

"The Hand Book" is a book on hand surgery and hand rehabilitation.

“The Hand Book” is a book on hand surgery and hand rehabilitation.